Phase 2 – The Project Plan

We would love to take this opportunity to say thank-you for all your support in making our Schonsee Community Phase I Park a reality!! Next stage is Phase II!

Since we started to develop our park in partnership with the City of Edmonton in 2013, even more families have moved into our neighborhood, so the committee had decided to do a new community outreach survey.

Two community surveys’s, the original survey in 2013/2014 and the most recent one in July 2018 have both identified a strong need to build a spray pad and a multi activity court space for basketball, street hockey and community events. The plan will also include additional amenities such as bike racks.

Our planned Spray pad space will be designed to fit into our small residential park. The water feature will be smaller than those seen in the large district parks like Castledowns, Callingwood and Kinsmen.

Out of Scope is the development of a community league hall and a skating rink. Our neighborhood is part of Lago Lindo Community League and they have a large hall and skating rinks for our neighborhood to use.

Planning Stage of Phase 2 is now complete!

We are currently in the Design stage of Phase 2.

Phase II Concept Design

Phase II – Spray Pad and Basketball/Ball Hockey Court

Thank-you to all who took a few moments in February 2019 and completed our 2nd Public Engagement Survey of Schonsee residents for your opinion and input on the Spray Pad and Basketball/Ball Hockey Court Concept Design for Phase II.

Volunteer help we need!!!!

  • We need all the help we can get to reach our goal. If you have some extra time and want to help in some way with the park development, please contact us with what you would like to do or we can let you know what help we need.
  • Currently we need committee members for once a month meetings, fundraising volunteers, bottle drive collectors, etc. are also welcome.

Every little thing will help so let us know your ideas or what you can do!