Phase 1 – The Project Plan – COMPLETE


  • The land allotted for the park is located at 76 Street and Schonsee Drive. The City of Edmonton has established this space with the developers.  It is stated to include 1.8 hectares of space.


From the 2013/2014 Needs Assessment result we were able to establish Phase 1 and Phase 2. 

Phase 1– Playground equipment for ages 6-12 and playground equipment for preschool (Ranked high in this survey as well was rubber surfacing, picnic tables, and garbage cans).

Phase 2- Shelter and a Spray deck. Our group has not committed to this phase yet and we will be looking for people to volunteer and take this on.

  • The committee is working closely with the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Park Development Program (NPDP) to make this park a reality. There are many steps that we need to go through in order to be in compliance and attain all that we need to proceed and succeed.  We applied for the NPDP grant and we have been granted $250, 000 dollars!
  • We have signed off on the current park design with the City of Edmonton architects and our CRC (Community Recreation Coordinator).  This shows the entire park layout and future plans.  Our group has committed to currently fundraise for phase 1 only at this point.  Once phase 1 is complete we will be evaluating the continuation on as a group/individuals into the other later phases and looking for other community members to step forward.



Phase 1 – Complete


We would like to Recognize and Thank the Schonsee Phase 1 Committee Members and their Families that were so dedicated to the success of the Phase 1 and have given countless hours of their lives to make Phase 1 a reality for our community!!

Nicole Nicholson & Family

Carson Hempel & Family

Anna Thomas & Family

Alyson Fernandes & Family 

Alice Funk & Family

Lisa Koulouris & Family

Marisa Redmond & Family

Deborah Clark & Family

Volunteer help we need!!!!

  • We need all the help we can get to reach our goal. If you have some extra time and want to help in some way with the park development, please contact us with what you would like to do or we can let you know what help we need.
  • Currently we need committee members for once a month meetings, fundraising volunteers, bottle drive collectors, etc. are also welcome.

Every little thing will help so let us know your ideas or what you can do!